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Ancient Greek Polis

When you arrive at the port take the stairs up and follow the teleport to the city. The Ancient Greek Polis of Kyme (Cyme) might be the best structure i have seen on Second Life of an ancient Greek city. With proper structure, nicely detailed, high detail textures and mural paintings, and lively elegant statues. … Continue reading Ancient Greek Polis


[LERONSO] YUMIKO skin for Lelutka EVO X: Dernier : “Celebrate” Eyeshadow (Evo X BoM)[LERONSO] Realistic body skin v3[LERONSO] Earrings “Sensaty“[monso] Choi HairThalia Heckroth – Meyer dress MIAMI1st pic. pose studiOneiro: Eloise BENTO set2nd pic. pose :studiOneiro: Scarlet BENTO set


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