Tree of Life

It is this beautiful yet somehow melancholic season, for many loved ones are missing. We realise that with time more chairs remain empty. When somebody “leaves us” i like to plant a tree, so that he or she will keep on growing and will provide us with the necessary oxygen to keep on…

So this is “Tree of Life”, resizable Mesh frames in silver/gold & shabby white, with Original Art available at the store for your Christmas decor. Wishing you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, health & love in your heart ❤


° :studiOneiro: Tree of life c(silver)

° :studiOneiro: Tree of life c(lgold)

° Apple Fall Hardwick Manor 

° Apple Fall Dutch Parlour Chair Remastered

° Apple Fall Wooden Trunk – Decor

° Apple Fall Cosmos Flowers – Candystripe

° West Village Abby Candle – Brass

° Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Dark

° Apple Fall Ornaments

° Festive Holly

° .LeLutka New Beginnings Tree

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