Alone together

It is now, in this era, that we are Alone together more than ever. Inspired by Chet Baker’s music and the famous photo of him and his second wife Halimashot by William Claxton, 1955.
This couple pose is created for all our friends, lovers, our family, that we missed having more intimate moments with them all this period, a touch, tight hugs, cuddles and kisses, don’t forget the kisses.


/ HER /

:V.e. Loren Dress
-SECRETS- Anais Bracelet -Dots
Ingenue :: Miranda Heels
*Dura* The 2nd year Anniversary Hair (past gift)
~Nerido~ Shaiya Bracelet
.::WoW Skins::. BOM Latte Belen

/ HIM /

(at 1st photo)
Mossu – Henry.Pants – Short – (previous) FLF
Alantori boots (free, group gift)
[CLASSIC] Meshbody (free)

/ POSE /

:studiOneiro: Alone together couple pose

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