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Noir’Wen Art Contest Exhibition

There is a photo contest exhibition at Noir’Wen Art Center called “A surprised glance at Noir’Wen“. The Art Center is located at the port of the city building # 55 (check photos below)
You can visit the exhibition until 14th June & you are welcome to vote for your favorite work. Everyone can vote, no need to be in the group, just 1 vote per avatar.
The score will be calculated 60% from the visitors & 40% by a jury composed of 6 artists & specialists.

I am participating at the exhibition with the following photo, so if you wish to vote for me i am number 14

If you wish to vote for my photo i am number 14
Nieuwenhove co-owner of Noir’Wen at the Art Center
The beautiful harbour of Noir’Wen
This is were you vote, outside the building. Pick the number of your art choice by clicking on it.

>> taxi <<

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